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Fiore Travel Firm 20 - Support knee highs with graduated compression Fiore Travel Firm 20 - Support knee highs with...
Specialistic knee-highs through the variable pressure level prevent swelling, pain and fatigue of the legs. They are especially recommended for people suffering from circulatory problems, pregnant women, people travelling by plane and performing standing and sedentary works. As a result of Silver Fresh Technology application, woman's skin stays fresh and dry, and the problem...
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Kunert Fly & Care - Support Knee Highs for men Kunert Fly & Care - Support Knee Highs for men
Incremental support progression in support category 3 (11-14 mmHg) prevents leg fatigue on long journeys cotton pressure-free comfort band flat, hand-linked toe seam and reinforced toe and heel 60% cotton, 35% polyamide, 5% elastane Available sizes: 39-40, 41-42, 43-44, 45-46, 47-48, 49-50 (shoe size) Available colours:
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Kunert Fly & Care 40 - Support Knee Highs Kunert Fly & Care 40 - Support Knee Highs
Knee highs semi-opaque, matt - Your legs are challenged day in day out. These knee highs provide intense support for tired legs and are also ideal for standing and sitting for a long time or any kind of travelling. gradual anatomical support in support class 3 (11-14 mm Hg) prevents legs from becoming tired perfect fit and comfortable to wear fitted comfort heel soft band...
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Pretty Polly - Silver Fresh medium support knee highs Pretty Polly - Silver čerstvé médium podpůrné...
This product is treated with silver which controls the development of foot nasties such as smelly bacteria. Antibacterial finish to help keep your feet fresh & deodorised. Clinically tested to last for 40 washes. 2 pair pack Silver Fresh for fresh happy feet. comfort welt 15 denier natural leg look with factor 8 graduated compression to help relieve tired legs & swollen...
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Gerbe - Krycí barva na podporu podkolenky Futura 40 Gerbe - Krycí barva na podporu podkolenky...
Opaque satin sheen knee highs with gradual support, 40 denier appareance. Sensational… An every-time well toned legs and deep hues that enable to change style at any moment! 90% polyamide, 10% elastane Available sizes: S, M, L Available colours: - invisible reinforced toes and heels - gradual support Made in France
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Kunert Super Control 40 - poloprůhledné světlo podpůrné podkolenky Kunert Super Control 40 - poloprůhledné světlo...
Semi-opaque, matt support knee highs - These semi-opaque, matt knee highs allow your skin to shimmer through, shape your legs and are perfect for a slim appearance. Maximum comfort thanks to: optimum fit comfortable and soft band comfort toe and heel for a pressure-free fit gradual anatomical support Available sizes: 35-38, 39-42 (shoe size) Available colours:
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